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Here you can learn about the new, revolutionary pushchair and the accessories you can buy to meet your personal needs

You can also see all of the fabric options and car seats that will make your life so much easier!

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The Jane Rider is a Which? Best Buy!! Read on to see why:

As you can see, the Jane Rider is a revolutionary product that has some amazingly unique features, This helps makes the Jane Rider one of the best pushchairs of the season. With Fashionable colours, the sleek aluminium chassis and the fabrics used, it has the potential to be the best pushchair you have ever purchased!

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a look around and learn some more about the Jane Rider

 The "Jane Rider" is Jane's first ever pushchair to be aimed at the fashionable "middle market" and what a pushchair it is!

Not only is the Jane Rider extremely stylish and fashionable, it is an amazing pushchair and can be adapted to suit your lifestyle and fashion requirements.

Not only do the Jane Rider fold down super small (thanks to its patented design which ensures that the rear wheels tuck neatly under the stroller when it folds) everything is just so easy.

The Jane Rider is easy to fold andeasy to erect (both one handed if you wish) It is easy to push, easy to reverse the seat, easy to change seat position, easy to pop something in the super exposed shopping basket.
Everything is just so easy!

As you would expect the front wheels can be locked and the rear wheels just pop off (so easily as you would expect from Jane!) The wheels are also ball bearing raced which makes pushing a breeze!

The shopping basket (max weight 3 kg) is located between the front wheels, not just making the stroller extra stable but also making access so simple.

The "Jane Rider" also boasts a 7 position handle and a 5 position leg rest as well as a comfy seat suitable from 6 months.

In theory (in the UK) the Jane Rider could be sold as suitable from birth, as it is quite legal for a pushchair to comply with either British Standards or European Regulations.

As usual we are out of step with the Europeans who have slightly different rules about seat angles and depth of seat suffice to say that the Jane Rider DOES comply to British Standard seat angles so in theory could be sold as suitable from birth in the UK.

Jane however test to the more modern European regulation so declare Rider as suitable from six months not that this will detract from any parent buying Rider as Jane produce not just a very special infant carrier called Strata but also offer the new multi functional "Matrix Light", an in car carrycot called "Transporter" and a new soft carrycot called "Micro"!

For more information on these products please see the 'Accessories' page.

Yes, Jane offer FOUR "from birth" options which is more than any other brand!

This means that the Jane Rider will suit just about everyone from the mum in a hurry using a infant carrier, to the traditional mum wanting a pram. For the mums who want both then the "Matrix Light" the ONLY car seat in the world to lay flat, sit up and be a pram.

All too good to be true? Well yes, but it is true!! Grandma will not believe this product and will no doubt be left speechless stating what it was like to have a pram & pushchair in her day.

Want to see more?

Why not watch a Jane Rider video on youtube courtesy of

Matrix Light

The Jané Matrix Light is the newest member of the Matrix family.

The previous model was a massive hit but was just too heavy and cumbersome for some. The Matrix Light is almost a third lighter that the original.

Another bonus is that the clasps needed to fit the Matrix Light in the lie flat position are now attached to the Matrix shell, which makes it so much easier to fit and there are no worries about leaving them at home or even losing them.
  • car seat fittings attached to shell so no need to carry them with you
  • almost a third lighter than the previous model
  • can be used for overnight sleepingsteel ring to protect baby in case of impact
  • comes with an automatic adjustable harnesscan be used for occasional overnight sleeping
Thanks to Jane's 'Pro Fix' system all of the car seats and carrycots can easily be added to any Jane pushchair without the need for adaptors or fixing kits. Removing is just as easy, just locate the button easily found on every Jane carseat and press to remove.


The Jane Strata is an extraordinary car seat which grows with your baby. When they are small there is a wedge that pushes baby's bottom upwards to keep to keep them at the correct angle for their age. This wedge moves as the harness straps are adjusted to fit your baby. This means that you do not have to worry about baby being able to breath correctly.

The Jané Strata now has its own ISOfix base which simply clicks into the car and allows you to get baby in and out so easily!

The Jane Strata is a Which? Best Buy


The Jané Transporter is completely new to the Jane collection.

Not only can it be used as a carrycot for baby on the stroller, but it can also be used as a group 0 lie flat car seat.

With a 3 point safety harness you can rest easy knowing that baby is comfortable and safe.

The Transporter can be used with an optional mattress that means baby can happily snooze in the car, on the stroller chassis or at a friends.

Jané have also added an anti roll system which uses the carry handle as a roll cage to stop any rotation that can occur during an impact.

The Jane Transporter is a Which? Best Buy


The Jané Micro is another brand new product that is unique in that it can be collapsed.

This makes the Micro extreamely small and compact for travelling and storage

Will the added mattress, baby can stay safe a cosy in the Micro

The Jane Micro can also be fitted to not just the Jane Rider, but also any of the Jane pushchairs that have the 'ProFix' system.

The colours for the 2012 collection are not only highly fashion conscious, but also extremely practical and long lasting

The following colours are available: